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David Tzor

David Tzor is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and lecturer who divides his time between Tel Aviv, Moscow and Amsterdam. Having gained degrees in Philosophy, Law, Political Science and Criminology, David has worked for thirty years as a lecturer, marketing director and for the past decade as the CEO of a successful Moscow-based multimedia company. Over the years, through his broad experience in business and academia, he has learned a number of vital lessons and gained insights reflected in Tortoise Strategy, and he is already delivering lectures based upon the ideas laid out in this book.


— «Truth and fools in out-of-home environments». Dr. Dan Herman, D. Tzor. Topic: "Methodology analysis of promotional materials", 2003
— «The best writing of philosophers – Plato, Aristo, Augustinus, Machiavelli, Tomas Hops, Bentham, Mil , Jan-Jacque Russo, Hegel, Marx» (part of the compulsory programme "Political philosophy"). Chief editor of the publication, 1992
— Management theory book based on «The game of work» theory. Isrotel, Tel-Aviv, 1992
— More than 40 articles for professional periodicals on topics such as "Management", "Marketing" and "Salesmanship", from 1984 to present

— Moscow state University (Moscow, Russia), MBA program: Academic courses in marketing, sales and emotional intelligence
— Courses and seminars for commanders of the Israeli army (the headquarters of the Israeli army, Israel)
— Coach and consultant 'Total Quality Training (TQT)
— Bar-Ilan University (Israel). Faculty of political Sciences and communication, specializing in marketing and advertising
— Program Manager for public schools "TADAMOR Hotel Management" (Israel)
— Lecturer of Open University. Courses: Lecturer of Open University courses: "Consumer behaviour" and "Marketing" (Israel)
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